• The Ask

    For the launch of Galaxy Duet’s chocolate bar, we were asked us to develop an experiential campaign build on the TV and Outdoor advertising which presented musical duets – two musical styles that came together in sweet harmony (Just like the bar!).

  • The Plan

    To build an experiential campaign that brings Galaxy Duets to life on Irish streets and the DART. We created a series of spontaneous/pop-up vocal and duet performances while distributing free samples of Galaxy Duet. The activation had to be kept as agile and ‘guerrilla’ as possible, so that people would be genuinely surprised and entertained.

  • The Result

    Each duet performance involved one male and one female performer and took place on the DART as well as several locations around Dublin City Center. As one performer began to sing at one part of the location, the other singer will then join in on the second or third verse; moving towards one another, their two different styles coming together into a ‘Duet’. As the performances came to an end; branded activation staff distributed samples to the crowd.

    The activation received great reactions from the crowds and over … samples were distributed over a one-week period.

  • The Client

    Irish Internationals